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Personal Trainer Testimonials

“I chose to work with Emma to kick my post-baby body back into shape before returning to work. The sessions are fun and varied and I’m so pleased with the results! Working out at home is so convenient and it’s amazing what Emma can do with your living room and stairs! I would highly recommend Emma as a personal trainer.”
Lisa, Banker

“I started working with Emma after the birth of my baby and I felt physically unfit and was quite overweight. I’ve never exercised regularly so it was a big decision to embark on such a programme. We started with baby steps and as we progressed I learned that I actually love exercise! I’m now nearly 4 stones lighter and love my daily workouts and meeting up with Emma each week to learn new techniques and keep me motivated. I’m due to run my first 5k this spring so I’m truly different in mind and body. Emma is patient, motivational, kind, inspiring and most of all a human! Everything is done at my pace. I’m very grateful to her.”
Rebecca, Company Director

“Emma became my trainer when I reached 55 and had had enough of my ‘Executive’ body and lifestyle. Too much good food and too little exercise had rounded me out and slowed me down! Emma transformed me, my wife thinks I look great and now I love running and feeling fit and healthy. Emma is a lifesaver and great to work with.”
David, Company Director

“Emma saw exactly what I needed right from the beginning. With a very individual training plan, I exceeded all of my goals by far. Fitness, weight loss, blood pressure, even headaches and migraines seem to have gone completely. She’s very strict, but at the same time a lovely person and highly qualified trainer who brings out the best in me all the time.”
Anette, Logistics Manager

“Emma was my Personal Trainer from August 06 – August 07, and in that time she performed a complete transformation on me. Having just had my third child, I started out enjoying walking or cycling and now I can run 10km in 50 minutes! Best of all, I had fun getting fit and love staying fit! I would recommend Emma wholeheartedly to anyone.”
Helen, IT Consultant

“I really enjoyed the programme and learned a great deal, where many PTIs have failed in the past. Ideal preparation as I start getting back to full fitness.”
Andy, Army Officer

“As a 41 yr old long distance runner I was becoming frustrated that I could not keep my weight regulated and did not have the toned body I wanted. Now that I have a programme that is specifically tailored to me, my frame is more toned, I have feminine muscle definition and am well on the way to a dream flat stomach. I thoroughly recommend Emma; she is extremely experienced, tailors the programmes to meet your specific needs and progresses them at your pace.”
Jan, Army Officer