Stretching…..the truth. How and why should I stretch before exercise?

Before starting exercise, it’s important that you prepare your muscles and joints with a warm up, but unlike a post exercise cool down (where you lengthen out the muscles), the aim is to warm and stretch them at the same time without turning off the sensors that protect them from injury. This is what’s referred to as ‘dynamic stretching’ and you should do about 15-20 repetitions of each one. Here’s how to do it……


It’s the back leg that I’m stretching in this video. Make sure you keep your heel on the floor.

Inner thigh/glutes

Keep your knee as straight as you can and gradually increase the range of motion.

Hamstrings/hip flexors

Keep your knee as straight as you can and try not to rotate as you swing your leg.


Take your elbows as far forward as you can until you feel the point of stretch down the sides of your back.


Imagine you’re walking through a saloon door!

Front thighs

Try to touch your hands with your heels.


I’m using a theraband but you can replace this with a towel. Keep your elbows and forward knee straight. Swap legs after 15-20 reps.

Now enjoy your workout!