How to work out at home - HIIT The Stairs

How to work out at home: Hiit the stairs!

Exercising at home can be just as effective and enjoyable as going to the gym (not to mention cheaper!) so here’s a home session using just the stairs.

The exercises

Running – exactly as it sounds! Keep it safe by slowing on the way down. Each run up is one rep.

Press ups – make sure you keep a challenging elevation.

Body row – ensure the bannister is sturdy enough to hold your weight.

Elevated lunge – keep your bodyweight upright.

Jump ups – take off and land with both feet at the same time.

Step ups – as fast as you can, safely.

Dips – make sure you bend and straighten your elbows.

Squats – change legs after each set.

Elevated Bridge – squeeze your glute (butt) muscles to get lift.

Mountain climbers – as fast as you can.

How to do them


Start by doing 15 repetitions (reps) of each exercise with as little rest as possible between each set. Once you can do this, repeat up to 3 times.


Set an interval timer to 30 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest and complete each exercise, then repeat. Change the timings as you get fitter so you’re doing 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds of rest. You can repeat up to 3 times.


Set your timer to 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Repeat up to 3 times.