How do I get fit if I don’t want to join a gym?

For many people, going to a gym can seem intimidating, boring, too far away or too expensive but this doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. Here are my top alternatives……

Get a Personal Trainer

If you don’t want to go to a gym, find one that comes to you! I’ve spent over 12 years going to people’s houses, place of work or local park to train them in their own environment. I take all the equipment and devise a programme that’s specific to the client, and also the space. This not only saves you time on travelling, but means you can have as much privacy as you like and can even do it during the working day. You can find a trainer at The Register of Exercise Professionals or The National Register of Personal Trainers

Use an app

There are now hundreds of apps available to help keep you motivated, coach you, suggest workouts and even count your calories. You can also track and monitor your progress so that you keep up the challenge and therefore the motivation. Try map my run, couch to 5km, or myfitnesspal.

Use an App

Look for classes

Check out what’s going on at your local village or church hall. You can find all sorts of classes from Zumba to yoga, Pilates to HiiT (high intensity interval training) and boot camps to pre and post natal. Take a friend and you can encourage each other!

Look for classes

Go for a swim

There are public swimming pools all over the country that you can use on a pay as you go basis, and if you live by the coast you can use the sea! Swimming is a great way to build and maintain fitness, is low impact and can be done all year round in all weathers. You could try having some lessons so you get the most out of your time and learn to use different strokes to work different areas of your body and increase your cardiovascular fitness and strength.

Go for a swim

Do a home DVD

It seems that not a week goes by without the latest celebrity releasing a fitness DVD. Pick one you like, and give it a try! From experience, the Davina McCall ones are very credible and well thought out with options for all fitness levels.

Take up a sport

Many people find that being part of a team and learning new skills are great motivators and there are plenty of sports to choose from. Search your area for clubs such as hockey, tennis, football, rugby, rowing, athletics, cycling, cricket, boxing or martial arts.

Take up a sport

Get on your bike

You don’t have to be Bradley Wiggins to get out and enjoy a bike ride, and anyone that’s tried to cycle up a hill knows it can really get your heart going. Make sure your route is safe and use cycle paths where possible. You could try swapping your car for two wheels and turning your commute into your workout. Most of us have a bike lying around in the shed, so dust it off and get out in the fresh air!

Who needs a gym? Good luck!